Management Vision

Education is such an ornament which brings a person from darkness to enlightment and it leads us to a path of 'Tamso Ma Jyotirgamya'. We feel proud that we were given an opportunity to serve this institution which was steered by our worthy Guru Sh. Vijay Vallabh Ji . We feel immense pleasure that the students of this school are shaping their fundamental emotions into natural entity through the creative potentialities of the mind and spirit . The students are also taught moral education and moral conduct along with religious and traditional education.

A nation's future depends on the path laid for posterity. It is our sincere request to all parents and educators to enrich lives of our young minds by endorsing them with noble virtues, where the mind grows without fear, learning and imbibing not only moral values, but also patriotic and democratic principles which sustain us. At present, the school is touching a new height of progress. We are always engaged in the progress and development of the school & we hope that all the S.A. JVVP School family will work together for the development of the school for a better tomorrow